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Global7 Consultants.


Global7 Consultants is dedicated to connecting companies and investors with opportunities beyond their borders. We advise and represent firms who aspire to expand their international operations to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations, as well as Middle Eastern investors seeking to diversify their portfolios through global projects.

Our firm forges development opportunities within and beyond the region, focusing on each client's unique needs and objectives. Our results speak for themselves; our clients are a testament to our efficiency and professionalism.

Global7 Consultants covers services ranging from sales representation to identifying and securing investors around the world for specific projects.

We are driven by the opportunity to take-on the challenges that help our clients achieve their objectives. To this end, we welcome new, ambitious projects that expand our professional boundaries and help us continue to raise the bar.

"We create value by connecting clients between the Middle East and the rest of the world, offering our expertise to accomplish their goals"

Our Services

  • Market Research
  • Sales Representation
  • Trade Delegation Meeting Planning
  • Trade Fair Support
  • Local Business Partner Search
  • Business Strategy and Financial Planning
  • Customized Business Meeting Planning
  • Investment Projects Assessment